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A flooded road or a landslide? When volunteer fire brigades and aid organizations intervene, things have to happen quickly. You have neither time for long telephone calls nor for too few, too many or inappropriate emergency staff. With ORCHESTRA you shorten your reaction times and alert your emergency squads quickly and purposefully. Because every second can decide about human lives.


Organizations with a safety mission have the important task of saving lives in dangerous situations. Communication solutions must fulfill specific criteria to ensure that communication is secure, reliable and fast. ORCHESTRA allows you to easily exchange and co-ordinate information in groups or teams via its communication module, including to the control centre. The function can be used from any Internet-compatible device, whether via smartphone, web or desktop.

Task Management

In a special order tracking view, you can view in real time the status of all instructions placed by your staff. ORCHESTRA monitors all the jobs you have assigned and shows the progress of tasks that have not yet been marked as completed. This way, you are always aware of the current status and progress of all instructions.


The map module shows the developments on-site in real time and helps to visualize the situation. In addition to the current position of the emergency forces, vehicles or materials, tactical signs and graphic symbols are available for position guidance, which can be used to clearly describe a situation. In this way, it is possible to quickly identify how the situation is changing and what action might be required as a result.


You can use the Events function to create isolated independent working environments. All information as well as files, media and communication are stored centrally and can be precisely assigned, contextually marked and better be found. This enables data from different events happening simultaneously from being mixed together.


ORCHESTRA provides a fully integrated, web- and cloud-based management system for reports. All processes can be easily documented and all the information is permanently stored.


This function enables the inventory of all devices, systems, equipment, aggregates and vehicles to be managed and checked in a central overview. Services can be optimally planned and easily documented, which enables a demand-oriented warehousing with the recorded outgoing and return processes.

Vehicle tracking

With ORCHESTRA car tracking, you can check in real time where your vehicles are and where they are going. This allows you to allocate operations or tasks and to optimize processes. Drivers can be notified on their smartphones or tablets and can thus get in touch with the operations centre. The integrated fleet management function also keeps you in control of mileage limits, revisions and all inspection dates.

Black Box

ORCHESTRA has an internal “black box” function for automatic logging of the entire control station operation. With this function, all regular processes and events are continuously and automatically logged, allowing a detailed analysis of the entire operation. All internal and external processes are recorded and stored unalterably.

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