In these first weeks of January, the Orchestra development team has paid particular attention to the separation of the immutable elements, such as users roles and events, from their context.
From the next release the management of events, users and roles will be accessible from a separate page called “Settings”.
Moving these features to a separate area was necessary to improve the information structure within Orchestra.
Every feature, with the exception of users, roles and events are in fact inserted within the context of an event. A report for example exists only within an event, as well as groups, communications, objectives and external contacts.
Users, their roles and events are independent of the rest of the application, this led us to draw a line of separation between these modules, which led to better organization of information within the application.
In addition to this separation, we added the possibility of assigning one or more users to an event. If before every user was part of every event, today we can decide which users will be assigned to which events. All this allows to logically allocate the resources necessary to solve the different events.

Another element we paid careful attention in recent weeks is the text editor of external communication. Recording an external message requires the insertion of different information: the message, the person who generated the information, the person who received it, the means of communication and the direction of communication. The previous solution occupied a considerable amount of space, which reduced the readability of the page, as well as being graphically under our expectations. We are more than convinced that we have found an elegant, practical solution that occupies the least possible space, favoring the readability of the page and simplifying data entry. We have considerably reduced the number of clicks needed to insert a message and the number of clicks needed to insert a new external contact. From the new release, it will be possible to create a new external contact directly from the user selector, the message editor will always be pre-selected, as well as the means of communication and the direction, thus speeding up the process of inserting the external message. We are incredibly proud of the work we have done and can not wait to see how this will be reflected in your work.

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