In tempo reale ad un livello completamente nuovo

Good morning readers, even during the holidays, that we hope you are spending between roast turkey, alaskan salmon and anything else you can find on your table, we come with a wave of good news.

The last few weeks have seen us uniforming Orchestra and polishing the last details of the first version of our mobile applications. On the web side, we have dedicated this cycle to the real-time updating of every data within the system. In fact, starting from the next version of Orchestra, any information recorded, modified or deleted in any module available in the solution will be transmitted and updated in real time eliminating the need to reload the page to view the most recent informations.

An instrument we were not particularly happy with was the selection of the date and time. Several times we have been confronted with unhappy users because of the lacking practicality of the selector. The instrument was in fact not very intuitive and did not correspond to the needs of our users, nor to our quality standards. This is why we decided to take a step forward and implement a new, more practical and immediate solution. The new system presents the selection of the date and time in a single component, which we think will speed up the process of selecting date and time.

In parallel, our engineers have been working on the harmonization of the two mobile platforms. From the next release, you will find two applications that will share a unique user experience, eliminating the differences between the various application processes.

The entire W-Line team takes the opportunity to wish you happy holidays, and an even better start of the new year.
See you around mid-January for big, exciting news.

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