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Hi everyone, these latest few weeks have been incredibly exciting here at the company. The version 0.8 of Orchestra, which will be released tonight brings few changes, but with a huge impact on the usability of the product.
Orchestra finally uses a single web page for the entire application (or how we developers like to call it, SPA, single page application). In practical terms, this means that every time we move from one page to another, instead of reloading the whole page as it happened until version 0.7, only the necessary contents will be reloaded. This brings several benefits, from the consumer side the application is incredibly faster to use. Secondly, it allows us to save a large number of resources on the server side, allowing our system to support more users with the same resources.

This great change also allowed us to make a small stop and go to check the quality of our application. We are happy to inform you that the number of problems encountered in the Orchestra continues to decrease and that to date we have less than 10 known bugs open in the system, all of them small.

Last but not least we have done a thorough review of the translations of the system, and we are confident that we can say that mostly the whole application is now completely translated into Italian, French, German and English.

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