Orchestra 1.2 is here!

Good morning to all,

It is with great pride that Orchestra 1.2 introduces you. This latest version introduces a module of enormous value in the management of the intervention, the warehouse will be available to you from the update of Wednesday, June 26 and will allow you in this initial phase to set up warehouses on the territory, to create, modify, set a quantity present and delete objects. In the next few weeks we will take care to add the possibility of assigning objects to users, and next month we will develop a system of in-depth research.

The vehicles have received another important update aimed at improving the visibility of the data available to the model and vehicle. We are convinced that with this new structure, understanding which vehicle is best suited to your needs will be a walk in the park. As for the warehouse, in the coming months we will be working on an in-depth search system that will allow you to identify a vehicle, or object, with specific characteristics with extreme ease.

We are enormously satisfied with the work done in importing users from CSV files and look forward to hearing your opinion on it. Now users can be imported from XML and CSV files, the service, function and grade of each user are also imported and configured automatically. In addition, tags (or labels) will be created for each Grade and Function, so that a group of users can be identified incredibly quickly.
We ask you to wait a few more weeks for the new import graphics from XML or CSV files, we are working on a version that we are sure will facilitate the import process making it more structured and easy to use.

This version brings the new version of the user information panel, you may have noticed that placing the mouse over the user photo at different points of the application shows a panel with information about the user. The new version of this panel includes the degree directly in the user’s image, so as to allow immediate identification, then shows the user’s function in the pop-up panel. All of this is served with a new eye-catching design that is complemented by the final graphic restructuring in place in the solution.

In addition to these important updates we have solved a series of small and medium problems that bring stability and improve the usability of the Orchestra, but for today we do not want to bore you with other technicalities.

We wish you an incredible week,

The W-Line team

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