Internal Communication, Reports and Text Editor

These last few weeks the W-Line team has continued the work harmonizing and cleaning the web application.

In particular we focused on internal communication, which had long been in need of our attention. Finally we have found the time to bring the design of internal communication closer to that of external communication. This change increases the usability of the system by presenting very similar contents in the same way. We are sure that reading your messages will be more immediate and pleasant.

Another great element related to the harmonization of the functionality of the solution concerned the text editor, it has been just over a month since we released the new version of the new text editor for external communication. Now that we are sure that it is stable and has significantly improved the redaction of messages, we have decided to integrate it into the rest of the application. From the 0.9 version of orchestra that we released last Friday, it will in fact be present in internal communication, in the task and event management panel. Once again we are sure that this change will make the application cleaner and easier to use, presenting homogeneous interfaces throughout the application.

The third pillar of this last week concerns the revision of the flow of reports. We realized that the preparation of a report was impractical in the saving phase, if for any reason the user or the system could not save the report, the data was completely lost. From today all this changes radically, as soon as the page of a new report is displayed, the data is entered into the database, from that moment every change to the report, from the modification of the text to any other data relating to the report, will be saved immediately in the system. We are sure that with this change, the data entered will never be lost again.

In addition to these two important works the last few weeks we have concentrated on analyzing the application to test its stability. In January, the w-line team acquired a new key figure, Kevin brings with him 15 years of experience in testing for web and mobile applications. Thanks to his support we are sure that the quality and stability of our application will only grow over time. Thanks to Kevin support in the last weeks of January we defined a series of improvements concerning usability and stability, in the last two weeks our developers have started to work to solve them all. 

We greet you waiting for major updates, most likely the next newsletter will arrive within the last week of March, a bit more waiting than usual but with important new features we look forward to introducing you.

See you soon,

The W-Line Team

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