Next level user import

In the last two weeks our team has paid great attention into XML User import. Our new system presents a much clearer and more intuitive interface, showing the results of the import through a card format that allows you to easily view the different imported users. The user card has different formats, a restricted format that is initially shown favors the immediate reading of all users, putting emphasis on the key information linked to the user. The expanded format card shows in detail each key user field, allowing the responsible to verify the correctness of the imported data. Additionally importing an updated XML will generate updates user card, that will enable the responsible to visualize data change and update accordingly. 

The import procedure has been divided into three separate panels, the first to select the XML file, the second to display and select the users to be imported and updated, and a final third part that summarizes all the changes made in the system.

Another change we are extremely proud of is the arrival of push notifications for every feature in our mobile applications. Today not only convocations, but also communication and tasks are sent to users through native notifications. From now on excuses are over, information will always be available to your users as soon as it will be generated.

This last version allows users to organize their personal tasks with the structure that best suits them, it is in fact possible to create more personal goals. A small addition that dramatically improves the management of personal tasks.

We will get back to you toward the end of the year. Meanwhile, the W-Line team wishes you a fantastic Christmas holidays, we wish you to spend quality time with the people you care about, and to relax before starting a new exciting year.

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