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One of the highly requested features have been the email injection into external communication. This new piece of cake allows an external contact to send an email to a particular email, all the text of that email, plus any attachments are going to be injected into the external communication directly from the next release. Communicatino has never been this easy! 

Thanks to the structure we created our engineers got the idea to replicate the feature through SMS, as soon as we’ll complete version one, this will be one of the addons you can expect.

On top of this feature we have also added the possibility to directly add one or more attachments directly on the external communication, another really important piece of our puzzle in place.

While our engineers were hard at work our desingers have been pushing to the limits by completing the new graphics for external communication. Now external messages are represented with a much cleaner approach, properly laying out the information of an external message. As you can see from the picture above a message has now a bottom right area where direction, mean and target of the communication are represented. The source of an external message is used to define where the information has been generated, producing an interface that is easier to read, and quicker to understand. 

Another great user experience improvement relates the side navigation menu. After many, many hours spent navigating our application we understood the old navigation induced users a sense of nause caused by the continous opening and closing animation of the menu. On top of this we understood we could easily gain some space by merginig the right and left bar, and made our application area wider. Our new side bar take all this in consideration and offer a new slimmer layout. This bar is now fixed and only animates sub menu with a smaller pop up window. We are sure you are going to feel much more at ease moving from one side to another of the application. 

While we leave you experimenting with this incredible updates we are hard at work to bring Orchestra user management to the next level. We are moving users, roles and events to a new Setting area. This will allow to independently create users, while assigning the desired users to the event you create. We feel this will create the right separation between the application and the context each functionality leaves into. 

At the same time our designers are working on the last piece of the external communication, the new text editor is going to soon land on your nearest Orchestra to finally put an end, for now, to the external communication.

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